Using Dog nail Clippers to Groom Your Dog

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Owning a dog means that you’ll probably use dog clipping techniques to help keep him healthy and properly groomed. There are dog nail clippers and coat clippers available to help you accomplish these tasks, and with a bit of practice, you can become proficient.

Dog Nail ClippersClippers for trimming a dog’s coat look very much like human hair clippers. But, don’t use the same clippers for your dog that you might use on yourself or friends and family. They’re usually less sturdy and not designed for dog hair.

Dog nail clippers aren’t cheap, but in the long run, you’ll save money on what you would spend for a professional groomer. Make sure the dog’s coat is clean before you begin the dog clipping process. That helps the clippers work better and without clogging or dulling the blades from the accumulated debris that might be hiding in your dog’s coat.

Dog nail clippers come with a variety of attachments and which one you use depends on the type of dog, length of hair and how you want to trim the dog. Always move the clippers with the grain of the hair rather than against it to achieve the smoothest cut.

Begin clipping on the dog’s back. You’ll run the clippers down the middle of the back to the point where the tail begins. Use gentle movements and try not to dig into his skin with the attachment. After clipping his back, you’ll move to the sides of the dog, clipping it as short as you like.

You can trim your dog’s coat around the neck and chest, but use scissors to trim around the eyes ears and mouth. Clip the tail next, being careful not to accidently cut his tail. Be sure and trim the hair around the dog’s anus too.

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Trimming the stomach of your dog is a bit tricky and it’s easier if you can get your dog to lie on its back. You can prevent nicking the dog’s nipples by covering each one with your hand as you gently proceed down the stomach using the clippers.

Some dog nail clipper sets come with a video to teach you what each attachment is for and exactly how to use them effectively. You may also want to search online for information about how to use dog clippers for your dog’s grooming process.

Dog nail clippers are also available to trip your dog’s nails – a necessary part of your dog’s grooming experience. It may be intimidating at first and you’ll be afraid of trimming into the “quick” and hurting your pooch, but practice makes perfect, and if you use a little extra caution the first few times, you’ll soon get the knack of it.

It’s up to you how often you use dog clipping to help groom your dog. You should be able to find online information or ask your veterinarian about how your type of dog should be groomed.

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