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The Toy Poodle Small Dog Breed Information

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toy poodle puppiesAlthough tiny dogs  comprise been in the vicinity of for 1000’s of years, just fairly not too long ago contain breeders designed a “true-to type” Toy Poodle, one particular who will faithfully move on his beautiful characteristics from generation to generation. In America, Toy Poodles were treated as a separate breed until 1943. At that time, the AKC gave in and agreed they were just like the other Poodles, only smaller.

Toy Poodles are excellent pets for apartments and for elderly people, since they require little exercise. A mature Toy Poodle will weigh between 6 and 12 pounds, and will get along perfectly well with half an hour of outdoor exercise a day. Of course, they may race around the apartment like mad.

Toy Poodles are easy to pick up and carry from one place to another, and as long as they are trained properly, they are as compliant as the other sizes. Small children, however, must be constantly supervised around a Toy, as they might inadvertently hurt him. In such cases, a more substantial Poodle variety is a better choice.

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