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6 Steps To Introducing A New Puppy To Other Pets

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Introducing a new puppy toward the latest animals inside of a family is accomplished positively if the proven house-pet is identified ahead of the dog is recognised.

new puppy1. Before bringing new puppy home, feed your established pet a partial meal.

2. When you bring the puppy home, bring your pet outside to greet the puppy. If you have a particularly dominant-type pet, arrange this meeting a block or so from your home.

3. Walk the pet with the puppy (however well you can get the puppy to walk!) and let the existing pet sniff the puppy all he wants. Stay outside for forty-five minutes to an hour.

4. Take the pet and new puppy into the house and just walk around the house for ten to fifteen minutes, letting everyone get adjusted to a new body in the house.

5. Feed the established pet another partial meal and let puppy watch.

6. Feed the established pet again, and this time put a bowl down for puppy. If the other puppy arrives to the puppy’s bowl, convey to him “No.” Every time by yourself feed your pets, feed the older ones first, but make them recognize the puppy’s bowl.

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