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Yes, this article is about how to pick the perfect pet dog, but you should also know what you’re in for once you get it. If you don’t want to get a living hell it is important to train and “fix” your pup, and it’s better to get this information sooner than later.

We assume you want a dog because you yearn for the companionship of an animal, not just because you want a new toy (unless it’s a toy dog, which, by definition, absolves you). But getting the dog is only part of the equation. To create a wonderful companion and a happy, healthy dog, you have to put some time into obedience training. Just as time on the Stairmaster every day makes for a butt you can be proud of, so too will consistent daily obedience training make for a mutt you can be proud of. At the very least, you’ll want to housebreak your pooch. Teaching commands like “sit” and “stay” will make your life a LOT easier. And if you go on to advanced obedience training, you too can have one of those superstar dogs that catches Frisbees and runs obstacle courses when it’s not busy signing autographs.

The point: obedience training is how you get the best from your dog. It’s also how you give the best to your dog: a well-trained dog is a happy dog. They’re secure. They know that you’re the boss and that you’ve got a plan. So keep training in mind when you get a pup.

Fix my dog? I didn’t even know it was broken! But unless you’re prepared to take care of 13 more puppies, you really should spay (for girl dogs) or neuter (for boy dogs) your dog immediately. Millions of dogs die each year in shelters and on the streets, and much of it could be prevented if people had their pets fixed. You might think that having your ‘nads snipped off is a bad thing, but the world does not need more puppies. It needs people to take care of the ones that have already been born.

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Next to getting married, having kids, buying a house or running a country, caring for a dog is the biggest commitment you’ll ever make. You know why: because a dog is a living thing. Dogs feel pain, fear, loneliness, joy, love, and loyalty. It’s all part of the dog-owning experience.

This ebook has focused almost entirely on the unglamorous responsible side of dog ownership. You already know all the reasons why you want a dog. We wanna make sure you know what you’re getting into. But if you take care of your dog properly and treat it with consistent love and affection, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts more richly even than people who bought Microsoft at $20 a share. Of course, your reward will be in companionship, not financial security. But who knows? If you train your pup well enough, maybe he’ll be sniffing out hot stocks before it’s over.

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