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Potty Training for Small Dogs

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Granted, small dogs can only make small messes. But you’ll pay the same carpet cleaning costs to do the room with urine stains whether it’s made by a Chihuahua or a Doberman. Small dogs need the same potty training basics as any dog.

Potty Training

You have to remember that their size might work against them in that their tiny bladders won’t hold as much (or for as long) if you’re late coming home for their potty break.
Small dogs don’t mind living in apartments or homes without big yards. They only need a little spot to do their business, so a flowerbed might be enough room.

Some people make fun of little dogs in their knit sweaters, but it’s more than just a fashion statement. During the wintertime months within just cold climates, the difference in opposition to heated indoors in direction of freezing exterior is amazingly severe upon a very low dog’s system.

The sudden chill can also distract them from the potty business and cause them to run back inside. Once warm again, the urge hits and there’s nowhere to go but the rug. Yourself can deliver this much easier on your minor canine via becoming him a warm sweater for cold weather.

Some small dogs will not budge off their hind legs until they see the sweater in your hands. Your small dog may totally refuse to go outdoors in rain or cold, even with a sweater on.

You have to plan options. Probably on your own can keep a papered box in the garage as a backup potty all through lousy weather conditions. Only use this for limited times during the year so that you don’t discourage the dog from going outside to his regular potty spots.

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If your small dog goes outdoors in a yard or in the park, be alert as to where he’s walking. Keep your dog away from tall grass or bushes. While he’s busy trying to sniff out the right spot, he’s easy prey for snakes in tall grass.

Owners of small dogs can become insensitive to their neighbors. Just considering the fact that the feces is very little, it’s still canine poop. Pick it up – your neighbor didn’t contract with your for fertilizer.

Not to mention that dog poop on their shoes may not be visible until it’s tracked onto the carpet. That won’t win you an invitation to the neighbor’s next bar-b-q. It’s your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Don’t try to get out of it by arguing that it’s so small it doesn’t matter. It matters to anyone who doesn’t own it.

Housetraining for small dogs is the same as for large dogs. You can begin with crate training and frequent breaks until a routine is established. Some small dogs can be temperamental because many are spoiled lap dogs. That’s where the positive reinforcement of your praise and affection is even stronger – when it’s so important to your dog to please you.

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