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Never Let Your Dog Without Water

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Did you know that your dog can live three weeks without food but will dog without water die within days ? Water is necessary for all digestive processes as well as temperature regulation, nutrient absorption, and as a transportation medium, shipping things between organs and out of the body.

dog without waterHow much water your dog needs depends on his physical activities and the model of food he eats. Panting is your dog’s way of sweating. If your dog is sweating, he needs a drink. Dry food also encourages thirst. Because dry food contains only 10 percent moisture, your dog will need about a quart of water for every pound of dry food. On the other hand, canned food or home-cooked diets contain more water and require less to rinse and wash down. This quality of canned and home-cooked food does not necessarily make them a superior food source, however.

Water is vital for survival. Make sure clean water is always available for your dog. Provide clean water in a stainless steel dish and change it regularly. Each time you fill your dog’s bowl, rinse it to clean off dirt and other nasty particles that don’t belong in a fresh bowl.

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