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Myths of Dogs Barking behavior

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dogs barking noiseHuman as we are, we tend to associate dog behavior with the supernatural and create myths about dogs barking. When they howl, we immediately think that there are evil spirits around! Or the ghosts are lurking somewhere in the dark. I have done some research and came up with some interesting stories behind dog barking.

  • Its The Dogs Fault That It Barks- Most dog owners just want their dogs to be quiet. They don’t care why their dogs are even barking. I can assure you that a dog barks for a reason and you better find out what that reason is. You can not stop dog barking until you find out why your dog is barking.
  •  My Dog Should Stop Barking Just Because I Said So- Dogs have needs. If your dog is bored it will bark. If your dog is lonely it will bark. Simply telling your dog to stop will not always work. Your dogs needs need to be met and it needs some positive/negative reinforcement.
  • It’s My Neighbors Fault My Dog Barks. Many dog owners get angry when their neighbors start complaining about their dogs barking. Often they accuse the neighbors of being the problem. The truth is that they are your dogs and it is your job to deal with the problem. If your neighbor teases your dog, then your dog should be moved to place where the neighbor can’t tease it.
  • Barking Dogs Are The Best Watchdogs- This is completely untrue. The best watch dogs are dogs that bark when they have a very good reason too. The dog that barks all the time is the dog that most people try to ignore. A good watchdog is always selective as to when it will bark.
  • My Dog Never Barks When I’m Around- Many dogs do the most barking when they are alone. This is why your neighbor is complaining that your dog barks all day long. You may want to seriously consider that your dog is doing lots of barking when you are not home.
  • Its Normal For A Dog To Bark- All animals make some noise and have some form of communication. That is the normal part. The not so normal part is when a dog barks constantly. There is a reason for that constant barking. Address that reason.
  • My dog wont stop barking. Some owners feel that it simple isn’t possible to train their dog to stop barking. This is not true. With time and persistence the vast majority of dogs can be trained.
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