Grooming Tools Inventory: Part I

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dog grooming toolsConfident applications are necessary to appropriately groom your doggy. All puppies must have the easy resources such as brush, comb, and scissors. However, long coats require different grooming tools than smooth coats, wire coats, and curly coats. The following is a list of tools you will need for grooming:

Grooming Tools

Boars Bristle BrushBoar’s Bristle Brush: This brush works great for removing the undercoat of long-coated breeds and also helps in getting rid of mats in the undercoat.
Bristle Brushesdog grooming brushBristle Brushes (soft, medium, and stiff): These brushes are used on different short-coated breeds, for regular brushing and to remove the undercoat of certain long-coated breeds.
Cage DryerCage Dryer: This type of dryer is designed to fit on cages so that the dog may be dried inside the cage.
Chamois clothChamois cloth: This cloth is used for polishing the coats of short-haired dogs.
CombComb: The best comb is a regulation-size steel comb with both medium and fine teeth. This comb will do a Great task on optimum breeds.
Duplex dresserDuplex dresser: A stripping resource employed upon greatest Terriers and other breeds.
floor dryerFloor dryer: This is a type of dryer that is generally used for fluff drying. Mainly because of the extended arm on this dryer it can be utilised in the direction of guide the air upon the coat and dry the hair.
Grooming post and loopGrooming post and loop: The ideal grooming post should be one that is portable and can easily be attached to any size table. The loop is placed around the dog’s neck to ensure his safety.
Snap-on combSnap-on comb: This is a favorite among ”fast job groomers.” If slipped over a #15 blade, it will thus uniformly leave 5/8 inches of hair wherever used. This type of comb is available in six different sizes.
grooming tableGrooming table (18′, x 34”): This standard size grooming table is usually a folding type and easy to carry and move to a different location. It is 30″ superior and consists of ribbed rubber matting. This table is predominantly applied for grooming small puppies.
Grooming table (24″ x 36”): This is an average size grooming table, usually a folding type, and also easy to transport. This table is 30″ large and contains ribbed rubber matting on the best. This desk can be utilized for grooming various breed measurements.
High-speed floor dryerHigh-speed floor dryer: This dryer is the same as the other floor dryers except that it has a high-speed motor attached for fluff drying long-coated breeds such as the Standard Poodle, Old English Sheepdog, and Afghan .
Hound GloveHound Glove: The hound glove is used on the coats of various short-haired dogs in the hound family.

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