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Dogs Barking Problem: My Dog Barks

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barking problemsOften times, we all ask why are dog barks? We all know that dogs descend from the wolves and that being their descendants; we also know why dogs howl. But why do they bark? One answer I could give right away would be “because they can”. It’s pretty much like asking why people talk! Dog however bark more often than wolves do. Wolves are more known for their howling, the kind that gives us the creep whenever we hear one.

Dogs bark to communicate just like us. They have this different pitches and sounds that convey different thoughts and emotions to another dog. We should not be surprised if our dog barks but we should worry if they don’t. Barking is one way of letting us know as well of how they feel and how they think. It’s pretty much like wagging their tail when we arrive to show that they are happy.

The dogs bark has evolved into a complicated means of communication between dogs and, potentially, between dogs and people, says a group of animal behaviorists, or ethnologists that includes Dorit Feddersen-Petersen at Christian-Albrecht’s-University in Kiel, Germany.

There are also long lists of reasons why they bark. We pet owners have indirect effect on their barking and the different nature of the barking. It has been suggested that the reason for the difference lies in the dog’s domestication by humans. An amplified inclination in the direction of bark may well consist of been instructive towards individuals within just selling an early warning process. Domestication has altered the physical appearance of dogs. Individual dogs bark for a variety of reasons. They may dogs bark to attract attention, to communicate a message, or to express excitement.

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Natural catastrophe or calamities has this certain effect on animals that make them restless. Often thunderstorms and lightening make them cower due to the anxiety they feel. Even simple thud could trigger them to bark. Gunshots and fireworks make most dogs uneasy and unruly.

Most of us tend to shout or hurt our dogs when they bark. This is a no no! They most we could do are to train them or discipline them in a firm but gentle manner. Make the experience as positive as you can. Do not over react to our dogs when they bark as this is their nature. It is natural for them to bark at things they don’t know or they think is a threat. The more we try to silence them, the more they will bark.

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