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The Scruffy Little Hunter Dog: Border Terrier

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The Border terrier bought its status versus the area termed Cheviot Hills, which is literally close to the border of England and Scotland. This is where Individuals pet dogs ended up produced in the direction of assault and terminate predatory foxes.

Border terrier

Border terrier picture

They have wiry coat that is why they normally appear as scruffy. However, this scruffiness is an attention-grabber that is why property house owners do not fail to remember towards hug their small ball of energy.

Border Terrier Characteristics

The following are some of the basic facts breeders would really love to know about Borders:

Category: Terrier

Living Environment: indoors (highly recommended); outdoors (fenced yard)

Coat: wiry and short; double coated

Colors: tan, red, grizzle and tan, and/or blue and tan

Height: between 11 and 16 inches

Weight: between 11 and 16 pounds



• they are scruffy, hard and bold hunters
• they are active as puppies but mellow down as they mature
• they are not friendly with rabbits, rats, hamsters, and even birds
• they are economical to feed
• their activity die down when left alone all day as they really love to please people especially their owners

When properly trained,

• they can get along with the household cats but not with cats in the neighborhood
• they may even catch a burglar
• they may lose timidity when accustomed to active environments

Breeders should note of the following health issues:

• Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome or CES, also called as “Spike’s disease”, which is a hereditary, neurological, metabolic and muscle disorder that is sometimes confused with canine epilepsy
• Cataract, or loss of transparency of one or both lenses of the eyes
• Cryptorchidism, wherein testicles do not descend into the scrotum
• Deafness
• Skin problems and a few skin allergies

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Care and Exercise:

• Their coat needs weekly brushing.
• They ought to be professionally groomed at least 2 times a 12 months.
• They ought to bathe just after required simply because they eliminate little in the direction of no hair. Their physique usually takes a regular monthly exercise program which includes a every day engage in period though upon leash.
• They need to be upon leash When strolling in public areas because of their hunting instincts.

border terrier puppy

border terrier puppy


The exact origins of Border terriers are obscure but many breeders accepted the story that the variety was developed in the Cheviot Hills area, which is near the border of England and Scotland. The Borders have been utilised as hunters of rabbits and hares. They can even continue to keep up with managing horses with their brief yet resilient legs. They were being much too used via farmers in direction of entice predatory foxes into their dens right before killing them.

They were being furthermore qualified to hunt otters, marten, and even fierce badgers. Like most terriers that have been at the time molded as hunters, they also progressed as animals and grew to become magnificent, pleasant, and loyal spouse pet dogs. They far too consider element in dog shows and they can simply seize their viewers focus with their agility, overall look, and dazzling disposition.

The breed was registered by the British Kennel Club in 1920 and by the American Club ten years after.

At Provide, Borders are remarkably most well-liked as lover dogs and animals owing in direction of their adaptability, friendliness, and winning character.  Nonetheless, they can be highly regarded as soon as it arrives in the direction of monitoring down vermin. In truth, some of their esteemed capabilities include hunting, preserving the relatives, and executing strategies and sports activities that need competitive obedience.

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Like most terriers, you can be rest assured in the direction of have a faithful and bright spouse dogs if by yourself Deliver your awareness and affection in direction of a Border. Your self can be certainly that they can unquestionably commitment away your bore!

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