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Bone Treat For Your Dog

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Give your dog a bone treat about twice a week as a special treat. Dogs love large beef bones, raw chicken necks, and the tips off chicken wings. If you are not sure how long they have been in the supermarket case, douse them with boiling water to kill any bacteria before feeding.

bone treatThe benefit of feeding bones is that they give your dog beautiful, pearly white teeth that do not need to be cleaned. However, feeding too many bones will give him constipation and hard, chalky stools. Also, be careful to give your dog only large bones that cannot splinter.

bone treats for dogWhen you give your dog a bone, leave him alone. Dogs get possessive about their bones. They are one of the few items that may cause dogs to growl at you if you try to take one away from them. It is a very special treat, and he wants to be in a place to relax and enjoy it. Let your dog go to his crate, which is the perfect place for him to enjoy his bone in peace. Give him a few hours to indulge himself. After a few days of chewing a fresh bone, it loses its magic, and most dogs will allow you to pick them up or handle them.

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